Would you like to get to see Finland and lose weight at the same time?


a permanent lifestyle change is only a plane ride away



You can select the 30-day or 50-day camp

Accommodation and meals included in the price.

You just need to fly to Finland and we'll do the rest



Mini & Medium


- accommodation and meals for 30/50 day

- transportation from the airport and back

- twice a day for physical exercises

- dining and food lecture

- All activities, including a sauna,

We also experiment with a variety of sports


When the camp ends

you will also get three months help and support

to continue lifestyle changes at home

and makeover


Mini-fit price 5000€

Medium-fit price 7500


includen almous everything you need.

Only own clothing and personal hygiene items





The first camp will begin in spring 2017

Please contact us for more information


come and join our happy team!



Puh: 044 9181395, Asematie 9, RANTASALMI


Mind Activate Oy